About ProgrammingTIL

In the Beginning, there was just me, David W Parker, learning some OpenGL. The year was 2011 and I wanted to let others know what had ben learning. So, what is one to do? Well, of course post videos to YouTube! And thus, ProgrammingTIL was born.

Time (lots of time) passed and I all but forgot about the channel I had started. I was working on my own startup at the time and it devoured all of my time. Eventually, we sold that company and I began to get back to what I loved- teaching others how to code.

Now After another short hiatus, and with this revamped site, I'm once again getting back to what I enjoy!

About David W Parker

I first started coding back in 2000, and professionally since 2002. I've worked for and built large enterprise applications for the military as well as started my own startup, went through the Techstars accelerator for the startup, and later sold that company.

When I'm not coding, you can typically find me breakdancing, or training one-arm handstands at my gymnastics center.

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