How to use AUD with devise-jwt in Ruby on Rails

In general, you can just use and trust a JWT hasn't been tampered with.. But not always, depending on how you're storing it on the client. If storing in localStorage, it may be changed and stolen! But what if we want to provide extra precautions? We can do that with AUD in devise-jwt. AUD allows us to take and store extra information about the client so we can identify it and make sure it's okay. In this episode, I explain why we don't just use cookies (and still use localStorage) as well as how we'll be using AUD from our Svelte frontend.
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⏱️ Timestamps:
  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 00:40 - Readme
  • 02:10 - cors.rb
  • 03:00 - allowlist.rb
  • 03:20 - sessionscontroller.rb
  • 04:40 - github discussion about cookie vs localStorage

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  • Setting up and using AUD in devise-jwt


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