Upgrading between SvelteKit versions

Upgrading versions of any framework, library, etc, can be a pain. In this video, I walk through what I did (and do) when upgrading between SvelteKit versions (from beta X to beta Y).
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⏱️ Timestamps:
  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 00:34 - Changelog
  • 01:52 - Breakdown of the upgrade
  • 03:45 - config change
  • 04:20 - demo app
  • 05:50 - hooks changes
  • 06:50 - api and endpoint changes
  • 07:50 - error and layout files
  • 09:00 - demo

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  • How to upgrade from one version of SvelteKit to another version

  • https://github.com/davidwparker/programmingtil-svelte/tree/ep25
  • https://github.com/sveltejs/kit/blob/master/packages/kit/CHANGELOG.md

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My name is David W Parker and I’m creating and publishing videos on ProgrammingTIL to help teach anyone and everyone who wants to code. I’m a huge fan of Ruby on Rails, Svelte, TailwindCSS, and WebGL. I’ve used React a lot in the past, as well as some Vue and AngularJS. I’ve done some professional Python and Django. I like to create real applications and my tutorials will walk you through how to build something real from beginning-to-end.

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