WebGL - How to use framebuffers part 1

In this episode, I discuss how to setup a framebuffer object in order to use it to draw something off screen which will later be used to draw on screen.

#### Framebuffers
* Use a framebuffer to perform different types of processing before displaying content.
* Use a framebuffer as a texture image.
* "Offscreen drawing"
* FBO (Framebuffer Objects) have attachments (color, depth, stencil), like the depth and stencil buffers.

#### RenderBuffers
* general purpose drawing area

#### 8 steps
* create FBO
* create texture object
* create render object
* bind render object to the target and set size
* attach texture object to color attachment of FBO
* attach render object to the depth attachment of FBO
* check status of FBO
* draw frame using FBO

* https://github.com/davidwparker/programmingtil-webgl/tree/master/0090-framebuffer-part-1

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